Andy's Pet Supplies

“Preston’s premier pet supply store.....FREE LOCAL DELIVERY!”

andy of andys petsIf your dog needs a chew, or your cat needs a scratching post, or your budgie needs a new perch, Andy’s Pets will sort you out.

We sell everything in our store just ten minutes outside Preston centre. We have cages for small birds, cages for big birds and cages for mammals, all designed to give the occupant space and comfort. We have a great selection of dog houses, and houses for many other animals, some of which are quite unusual! We have a great range of products from major suppliers such as Mayfield, Pet Brand, Pennine, Super Pet, Living World and many more.

Animals and birds all need to be engaged and stimulated in order to have a happy, healthy life. We have a selection of toys for most animals you can think of. Squeeky rubber balls, toys with bells in, lifelike birds and rabbits for your dog to hunt, and a variety of catnip infused trinkets to get your cat using its natural stealth and agility.

Every pet needs somewhere nice to sleep at night, so we have beds and bedding for most household pets. When it’s time for ‘walkies’ in the morning, we also have collars and leads to make sure your dog doesn’t get itself into mischief, and is easily identifiable.

Should your pet get a bit poorly or look a little off colour we have a range of approved medical treatments from well respected manufacturers like Bob Martin and Johnson’s. Of course if you think your pet is seriously ill you should visit a vet as soon as possible.

We have plenty of pet foods too, including the ranges of many famous brands like Whiskers, Pedigree, Wonderdog and Purina.

Have a look at our Products Stocked pages full range of animal products. We really do stock almost everything your pet could want or need! 

  • Dog and Cat toys
  • Cages for birds of all sizes, and animals such as hamsters and chipmunks
  • Free local delivery
  • Live and frozen food for reptiles, crickets, mice etc.
  • Village location and ample parking

We do not stock live animals but we can direct you to responsible, reputable breeders and dealers.